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ECI Users 


Welcome To ECI Users Group

The  ECI Users Group was first founded in 1992 by a small group of clients who utilized the Eldorado Healthpac system with a common goal of creating a communication network to share ideas and issues that were of mutual interest.  An open line of communication was established giving Users the opportunity to contribute valuable working suggestions for current and future products developed by Eldorado.



We have alot of fun at the Sanibel Harbor Bay Resort at our 19th Annual ECI Users Conference. There are 20 photos per page.  Select a page then click on a photo then select next to view photos in a large format.

Photos from our 18th Annual ECI Users Conference in San Diego, CA

Photos from our 17th Annual ECI Users Conference in New Mexico.


Photos from our 16th Annual ECI Users Conference in Savannah Georgia.

Photos from our 15th Annual ECI Users Conference in San Diego California.