Who We Are

kathy camera 211The ECI Users Group was first founded in 1992 by a small group of clients who utilized the Eldorado Healthpac system with a common goal of creating a communication network to share ideas and issues that were of mutual interest. An open line of communication was established giving Users the opportunity to contribute valuable working suggestions for current and future products developed by Eldorado.

The Executive Committee was formed to address issues raised by the membership through the Group's website, either by e-mail or additions to the Wish List. The Wish List is created by posting of value added improvements to the Healthpac system on the Members Only page of the website. The list is prioritized by a voting process available to the membership and then presented to ECI . This has been very successful in implementing system changes that has benefited the Users. Another feature available on the Members Only page is the ability to send a broadcast to all members of the Users Group to solicit information and share experiences involved with use of the Eldorado system.

The ECI Users Group presents a Working Conference each year for the membership to attend breakout sessions where Users can learn more about the Healthpac and what is available from the Associate Member/Vendors that will enhance the productivity of the Eldorado system.

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