• Companies who have a strategic partnership with Eldorado Computing, Inc are eligible to become Associate Members of the ECI Users Group.
  • ECI strategic partners are companies who provide services that are directly linked to some part of, or enhance, the Eldorado system.
  • Associate Membership in the ECI Users Group for an annual fee of $500 entitles these companies to:


  1. A listing in the annual Membership Directory with a short biography about their company.
  2. A listing on the website with a hot link to their own website.
  3. Have a business card ad in the quarterly newsletter. Associate Members may also sponsor the newsletter for $300 with a half page ad on the last page of the newsletter. Associates who wish to place a full page insert advertising their products and services will be charged $500.
  4. An invitation to attend the Annual Working Conference and purchase booth space. Fees are payable in advance of the conference. If fees are not received in advance of the conference, the Vendor will not be permitted to setup displays.
  5. Sponsor an event at the Working Conference. Sponsorship fees are payable in advance of the conference. If all fees are not received, the Vendor will not be permitted to attend conference or distribute any promotion material.
  6. Access code and password to the vendors site to download copies of the of the annual Membership Directory and quarterly newsletter.











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